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Live and Frozen Bait, Fake Bait and Terminal Tackle.

Snook Hut is one of the leaders in quality rods. We have brought in some of the very best rod brands available to fisherman. Star Rods, Crowder Rods, St Croix Rods, Shimano Rods, TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) Rods, Penn Rods, Daiwa Rods, Okuma.

We feel the only problem you should have in finding a rod is, “ which one “


We currently carry the following inshore reel brands.

Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, Okuma, Finor, Mitchell

We can also order just about any other reel you need with our accounts at all major distributors.

Soft Plastics

Soft Plastics are a year favorite here in our area. We have stocked our wall with the best performers possible.

Z-Man, Berkly Gulp, Slayer, DOA, Storm, Mirro-Lure, Savage Shrimp

Hard Lures

Heddon, Unfair, Yo-Zuri, Mirro-Lure, Lucky Craft, Bagley, Bomber, Storm

Leader Material

Yo-Zuri Flouro

Seagaur Blue Flouro

Trik Fish Flouro

Ande Mono

Eupro Mono

Trikfish Mono






Jig Heads




Strike King

Rockport Rattler

Poppin Corks
Just check out this Youtube video.


Underwater Fishlight

We are continuing to expand our products and services every week. We are now the only dealer in Cape Coral for the Green Underwater Snook Light . We have both the Single Bulb and Double Bulb systems. Single system is currently on sale for $
389.00 and the double system is $689.00. Stop by and check them out if you want Snook , Tarpon, and many more types of fish on your dock every night. 


Tired of Wasting Money on Melting Ice?  Try the Nu-Ice Alternative!!

Driven by uncompromised performance, our team has developed the MARINE SERIES to meet the demands of the Sport Fisherman and weekend boater.The Marine Pak is an excellent alternative to turn your cooler into a chest freezer without the mess of melting ice or the dangers of dry ice. Nu-Ice creates a cold, dry and eco-friendly space for sportsmen’s coolers and fish boxes. Nu-Ice is reusable, non-toxic and conveniently packaged in 2lb and 5lb foil reinforced Mylar bags for extra durability and strength.

Nu-Ice is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, chemical freezer pack capable of maintaining a sub-zero temperature “charge” in a freezer or other insulated environment for an extended period of time. This is accomplished by charging the pack to initiate the simple chemical reaction within the pack. The pack immediately begins to absorb energy (heat) and emit sub-zero temperatures once environment temperatures begin to rise.

These packs are safe, environmentally friendly and re-usable up to five years! Therefore, the Nu-Ice packs are a great alternative for gas emitting dry ice as our pack do not require special handling, training or costly haz-mat shipping fees.

Additionally, our Phase Change Technology provides superior performance to traditional gel-packs that are water based and have a much sharper temperature discharge rate.

Nu-Ice recommends turning freezer to coldest position or use of a chest freezer to obtain a full charge.

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